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Assign Associates ‚Äč

As an admin, you can assign Associate Appraisers to Designated Appraisers. Designated appraisers have the extra ability to oversee their assigned Associate appraisers' orders. The Designated appraisers can see all of their assigned appraisers' orders, change their statuses, or re-assign any of their own orders to them (or vice-versa).

Clicking on Assign Associates in the left sidebar allows you to set up which Designated Appraiser can oversee which orders. You'll see three columns: the current Appraiser Assignments, a list of Designated Appraisers, and a list of Associate Appraisers.

Assign Associates

To assign an Associate Appraiser to a Designated Appraiser, simply click on the Designated Appraiser in the first column. A list of Associate Appraisers will pop up, allowing you to check a box and assign them accordingly.

Assign Associates Modal

Now a Designated Appraiser can oversee their Associate Appraisers' orders.