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Firm Settings

Let's review all of the possible settings for your firm and how they can affect different parts of the application. Click on Firm Settings in the left sidebar to access them.

Firm Information

Firm name

The name of your firm that will be used by the application.


A unique link that you would send to brokers so they can place an order with your firm. It is auto-generated when you create an account, but you can change it if you like.

Keep it short

It is recommended that you keep the slug short and concise

Upload a logo that will be used for your order page, login page and sidebar. Optional, but good to have for branding purposes.


Firm Owner

The firm owner is in charge of things like billing or deleting the entire account. By default, it is the person who created the account, but can be changed to any admin within the firm.

Urgent Orders

Allow Urgent Orders

When set, brokers can mark an order as urgent when placing an order. Urgent orders take priority over regular orders and an extra fee will be applied. When an appraiser is first assigned to an urgent order, they will be notified that they have a new urgent order. Urgent orders also show with a special icon in the orders table.

Urgent Orders

Urgent Order Fee Details

Specify the urgent order fee details here. This info will appear when the broker places an order and marks it as urgent.

Urgent Order Fee Details

Emails for New Orders

Everytime a new order is placed, you can specify which email is notified. The default is the owner of the firm, but you can also set it to all admins or a custom list of emails.

Support Email

If you enter a support email, brokers will see it on your firm's order page and allow them to contact you for any questions they might have before ordering.

Support Email Settings

Screenshot of the order form:

Support Email Order Form


Invoice Settings

Allow Invoicing

Admins will be able to generate an invoice for any appraisal order. Admins can also add payments to the invoice, or download a pdf version.

Tax Rate Percent

Your Province/State tax rate. Used in invoice calculations.

Address of firm

Will appear at the top of each invoice.

Notes Default

The default notes that will appear at the bottom of each invoice.

Engagement Details

The engagement details define the specifics of the appraisal that will take place. Before placing an appraisal order, the broker must agree to these terms. There are default engagement details in place, but you are free to update them to meet the requirements of your firm.