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What Is Top Dog Appraisal?

Top Dog Appraisal is a simple and modern web application that makes it easy to track all of your company's appraisal orders, customers and much more. Keep your orders organized, up-to-date, and synchronized with all parties involved, without the hassle of manual emails or Excel spreadsheets.

Here are some of its features, which we will explore throughout the documentation.

  • Effective Order Tracking and Status Updates
  • Order Statistics and Insight
  • Orders Search for all orders
  • Rewards and Points system
  • Option to accept urgent orders
  • Customer Management
  • Maps overview for orders
  • Generate reports for appraisers and their orders

Here is an overview video of some of the features.

User Roles

It's important to understand the different user roles within the application:

  1. Admins / Firm Owners: Responsible for setting up their firm details, including appraisers, admins, and a link to where brokers/customers can go to place appraisal orders. As orders come in, admins can assign them to their appraisers. Admins can oversee everything that is happening within their firm.
  2. Appraisers: Responsible for appraisal orders that are assigned to them by admins. Appraisers can update the order status, which will immediately notify brokers via email.
  3. Brokers: Can place appraisal orders for any appraisal firm within Top Dog Appraisal. Brokers will recieve status updates immediately via email, and can communicate with the appraiser if needed.

More specific features for each user role will be explored throughout the documentation.

Next Steps

Now that you understand the different user roles, you may visit the dedicated documentation for your specific role.

  1. Admin / Firm Owner

  2. Appraiser

  3. Broker