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Associate Appraiser vs Designated Appraiser

Associate and Designated appraisers are both the same except Designated appraisers have the extra ability to oversee their assigned Associate appraisers' orders. This can help take some load off the admins of your firm and also help any Associate appraisers that are being trained. The Designated appraisers can see all of their assigned appraisers' orders, change their statuses, or re-assign any of their own orders to them (or vice-versa).

Viewing Associate Appraisers

Your admin is in charge of setting whether an appraiser is an Associate appraiser or a Designated appraiser. The admin is also in charge of assigning Designated appraisers to Associate appraisers.

As a Designated appraiser, click on My Associates in the left sidebar. You should see a list of all Associate appraisers that are assigned to you.

My Associates

Viewing and Updating Associate Appraisers' Orders

From the table of Associate appraisers, clicking on "View Orders" will view that appraiser's active orders.

Associate Orders

You can update the order status, or re-assign the appraiser by clicking on the order status badge.

Update Order Status Designated Appraiser